Quality Counts San Mateo County Early Learning Excellence
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The community of early childhood educators in San Mateo County has long recognized the importance of providing quality education to the county’s children. Quality Counts builds on what you are already doing to provide high quality early care and education. It helps you raise your quality, enabling you to better support children’s development, overall wellness, and readiness for kindergarten and beyond.

Child care centers, family child care homes, and preschools may all participate in Quality Counts.

San Mateo County early childhood educators give children bright futures

Benefits of joining the Quality Counts program

Quality Counts believes that providing care and education to young children is one of the most important roles in our community. Quality Counts works to empower and support programs and educators to develop professionally and improve early learning.

Quality Counts wants to help you help the children in your program, by giving you the tools, training, and resources you need.

From the moment you apply to Quality Counts, you will be supported. As a Quality Counts participant, you will receive:

  • Help to complete an initial self-assessment form, which is designed to help you reflect on your program’s strengths and areas of improvement
  • Individualized technical assistance, such as training and professional development, based on the areas of improvement identified through the Quality Counts rating
  • Materials to let families, colleagues, and others know that you are dedicated to quality and participating in Quality Counts
  • Grants based on the areas identified on the quality improvement plan developed by you and your Quality Counts coach
  • Recognition and rewards for your commitment

We are proud of the high quality work you are doing and want families and the community to know about your commitment to providing the best early care and education possible. That’s why we work hard to promote Quality Counts educators as committed caregivers for San Mateo County’s young children.

Become a participating program

Visit our how to participate page.